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The St. Johns County Civic Roundtable is a forum and collective voice for our county's neighborhoods and civic groups.

Early in the 1980s concerned citizens attending county government and regulatory meetings recognized a need for strength in numbers and a need to create a way for citizens to participate in, and promote changes in our communities. Several civic associations came together to organize the St. Johns County Civic Association Roundtable.

The purpose of the Roundtable is to preserve, and improve the quality of life in St. Johns County.

The Roundtable:

  • Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and points of view on matters of County and State interest.
  • Invites speakers to address issues of current importance.
  • Formulates Roundtable positions on matters and issues important to our community.
  • Makes recommendations to appropriate County and State authorities, and takes other actions appropriate to support Roundtable positions.
  • Monitors the annual budget as well as actions taken by the Board of County Commissioners.
  • Communicates to Roundtable members, reports, presentations, studies, discussions, and other findings on County and Statewide issues to keep members informed and stimulate the additional participation of citizens.

If your group is interested in joining those who care about making a difference in the quality of life in our community, email:

The Roundtable meets once a month, on the second Monday of each month.  During this Covid-19 Crisis, our meeting will be held at 12 Noon via Zoom Video Conferencing


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